MasterkeyPeg Week #5

Thanks to everyone for their words of wisdom and encouragement.  I’m starting to get myself back in the grove.  Your encouragement has been so helpful.  Thank you again!!


Masterkey Peg week #4

Sometimes when someone you love hurts you so deeply that you have difficulty recovering,  it may be time to just love them from afar.


masterkeypeg Week #2

It’s been been a long week so far.  I’m struggling not only with my DMP but my attitude.  I seem to be very tired and mentally weary………………. Now that I’ve sat down with a Margarita and had some quiet time, my mind is working toward my DMP.  Sometimes I just get lost in the day to day junk!


Master Key Week 1

You know, when we were small, everyone asked…What do you want to do when you grow up?  Now I’m all grown up and I’m asking myself….Is this all there is?

I’m so excited to dig deeper into my soul and find out what I’m really made of….

Stay tuned for updates

Make it a great day!!